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Shishagear SV Tangiers Gold Hookah Set

SV Tangiers Gold Hookah Set includes Stem, Tray, Striped Hookah base, Long handle Shisha hose and a classic Egyptian bowl. SV Tangiers Gold Hookah is the perfect choice for the core of your hookah pipe, smoking so good that it creates mushroom clouds. Standing at a very non-subatomic tall, the Tangiers Gold Hookah Stem is made from hand-crafted brass and highly polished steel, and is a heavy duty hookah Stem that will stand the test of time. This heavy-duty brass hookah stem will fit the large Egyptian base.

The great thing about this Striped Hookah base is the clear glass with Gold stripes. While smoking there will be a great contrast between the water and smoke. Long handle Shisha hose constructed from a tough non rusting material allowing you to hold the actual hose in a more natural, lower resting position reducing effort while allowing for great air flow and thick smooth shisha smoking experience.

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