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Kaloud Samsaris Silicone Hookah Bowl

(this is now discontinued and replaced with the Samsaris Vitria II, click here)

The Kaloud Samsaris is made of silicon and is shaped to make a perfect match with the Kaloud Lotus. After filling your bowl with shisha (fill each chamber up to the interior fill line) simply place the Lotus on top, add your coals, and wait a few minutes for the unit to heat up.

Kaloud recommends using no more than 2 natural coals at a time. If using the Lotus, you may want to start with 3 and then take one out once the bowl has sufficiently warmed up, but using three coals for the entirety of your session is not recommended and may damage your Samsaris bowl. You can use the Samsaris with foil or a bowl screen but for the optimal experience we recommend using the Lotus.

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