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Dschinni Skyline Gold Hookah

Dschinni Skyline has set new standards in the area of glass hookahs. The height of 697 mm makes an imposing appearance without losing a sense of elegance. The shapes and proportions reflect the stability and the filigree work. The product is mostly made of boro silicate glass and therefore it has more advantages instead of other glass alternatives. Boro silicate glasses get used in laboratories because of its stability, heat resistance and corrosion properties primarily. In addition, the vulnerable sections were optimised and replaced by armoured sections. Furthermore the bowl and the hookah shaft have special ornaments which only can realized by complicated processes. The highlight is the dip tube of the skyline, because it has an integrated diffuser which provides a pleasant smoking behavior.

  • Weight: 3kg
  • Height: 697 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Colour of Glass: Transparent
  • Colour of Ornament: Gold
  • 1x Skyline Bowl with 2 Hose Connection - 34.4
  • 1x Skyline Dip Tube Bottom 34.4 - Top 29.2
  • 1x Skyline Smoke Column Bottom 29.2 - Top 18.8
  • 1x Check Valve 90° - 18.8
  • 1x Hose Connection - 18.8
  • 1x Glass Trey
  • 1x Glassplate Adapter - 18.8
It's important to be careful by pulling out the dip tube, to prevent damage on the dip tube. The trey is just conditioned heat resistant and therefore the hot coal should just stay on it for a few seconds.  
Glass components which aren't consist of boro silicate, are just conditioned heat resistant and can't endure severe temperature shocks.
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